Course Information

Course items & exercises

course items

  • Design of R&D evaluation, selection of methods, in relation to the policy problem and general context.
  • Output identification and measurement: methods and problems. Scientific output and technological effects, economic and non-economic effects.
  • Policy contexts of evaluation. Implementation of evaluation results and policy use of evaluation.
  • Experiences with evaluation. Evaluation of universities; evaluation of institutes; evaluation of R&D programs.
  • Development of R&D evaluation and corresponding changes in national and international R&D systems.

course exercises

Data and documents from actual evaluation studies will be used to work in small groups on design and methods of Research Evaluation.

The groups will apply what they have learned in the lecture sessions, and will report their results, and receive comments from the lecturers.

The aim is to provide hands-on experience: this is training in methods, and a way of letting participants recognise the difficulties and pitfalls of Research Evaluation and stimulate them to reflect on it.