Postgraduate and Professionals

R&D Evaluation Course 2017

Methods, Experiences and New Approaches

A Four-Day Training Course for R&D Evaluators and Government Officials

20 November – 23 November 2017, Enschede, the Netherlands


The topic

R&D evaluation now occurs regularly. Governmental programs have ex-ante, midterm and final evaluations. Institutes and centres are evaluated. University research groups are assessed.

R&D evaluation is important in terms of accountability and quality control. Since the 1990s, R&D evaluation has also become important in strategic decision making, identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and assessing the appropriateness of R&D policy measures.

The challenge to professional evaluators, and to government and other officials responsible for R&D evaluation, is to design and conduct tailor-made evaluation exercises that serve policy needs and strategic aims. The course builds on the methods and experiences in various R&D evaluation practices to show that R&D evaluation can be done systematically. It offers a catalogue of R&D evaluation methods and techniques, as a firm base for designing or assessing an evaluation exercise.

Who should attend?

  • Government officials who commission R&D evaluation studies, or are required to interpret the results of such studies
  • Actual or potential R&D evaluation professionals who want to improve their understanding and skills.

Experience in social science research, evaluation or with R&D policy is recommended.


Ms Evelien Bonte
Phone +31 (0)53 489 3353