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GIST - Governance of Innovations, Sciences and Technologies

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International Research
Master of Science Program

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This program is in process of preparation.
Start expected: September 2010 or 2011.

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As developments in science, technology, innovation and the contexts in which they take place become increasingly complex, so do the challenges posed to their governance. We find these processes transcending the boundaries of single organizations and nation states, and taking place simultaneously on a global and local scale. Both the so-called “developed” world and regions with emerging polities and/or economies are facing extensive and radical transitions of the social, economic, cultural, political, technoscientific and knowledge order. A changing world requires changing or new tools of analysis. At the same time, the analysis of the governance of innovations, sciences and technologies (GIST) can no longer be separated from the innovation of the analysis of governance.

Participants inf this program will develop the knowledge, vision, and reflective attitude to contribute actively to current developments in the governance of innovations, sciences and technologies as researchers or as practitioners.

The aim of the GIST Research Master (MSc) degree program is to enable students to analyze the dynamics of sciences, technologies, innovations and their governance in all their complexities.

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