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Smart City Curitiba

The City of Curitiba

Being Latin America’s very first Smart City, Curitiba is our perfect starting point for collaboration. The city is well-known for its innovative urban planning and BRT transport system. It also is a green city – its green spaces per capita are approximately 55 square meters, which is far higher than the recommended UN standards. With 1.9 million inhabitants, the south Brazilian city is the country’s seventh city. Compared to other large cities in Brazil, Curitiba is relatively rich and prosperous. The state Paraná accommodates many Europeans that once emigrated e.g. Poland, Germany and Netherlands - Curitiba also accommodates a Honorary Consul for the Dutch Kingdom.

Realizing a Smart Curitiba

The University of Twente signed a Memorandum of Understanding with 14 parties including the City of Curitiba and four local universities including the public university UFPR (see below). The MoU symbolizes the start of a five-year collaboration consisting of exchange of knowledge and people and joint research projects in order to realize a Smart Curitiba. We will be collaborating on issues relating to (cycle) mobility, urban design and sustainability. We will be seated at SETRAN.

The partners to the MoU are:

The MoU offers UT students and researchers a new possibility to work in an international environment on interesting High Tech, Human Touch projects in the field of mobility and innovative city planning. The partners are interested in realizing technological and social innovation in which we combine (civil) engineering technologies with insights from social sciences.

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