Smart Cities Initiative

Smart Cities: merging technological and social innovations

The University of Twente combines innovative and multidisciplinary scientific research with practical solutions. The university has a focus on high tech and human touch as we couple technological innovations to societal impacts. We excel in designing integrated concepts. Smart Cities is crosscutting by nature and therefore is a key strategic research topic.

Smart Cities at IGS

Smart Cities is one of the priorities of the University of Twente’s Institute for Innovation and Governance (IGS) emphasizing the governance dimension of Smart Cities. Smart Cities require innovative governance approaches to facilitate the increasingly self-initiating civil society and to exploit the potential of ICT. This calls for new roles, new skills, new cooperation and new policy models. How do you govern a smart city? How do you renew the municipal organization in order to implement this? And how legitimate it is for municipalities to use innovative ICT technologies to implement social processes and municipality tasks?

The Smart Cities Initiative

The Smart Cities Initiative aims at a coordinated approach to come to joint research and education in the area of smart cities and digital societies. It builds along two lines. The first line is the consolidation of research programming on the theme. The second line is globalization. By connecting to what is happening out there, we can educate our students as truly Global Citizens.

The aim of the Smart Cities Initiative is to realise research and education clustering on the topic. In three years, there will be at least one large research project on the theme, there is a master program and Curitiba is an important strategic partner for the university in terms of student exchange and research.