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NOTE: PhD's please select 'no' in the 'informal drinks & snacks' we have a seperate social programme for you, see below

WORKSHOPS (14.45-17.00)
Workshops are in parallel sessions, so you can only select one

# Note workshop 'linking research and teaching': The common wisdom in academia is that teaching and research are largely separate activities. Job-interviewees often ask about the size of their “teaching load”. Typically researchers aim at minimizing teaching load and maximizing their “free” research time. Is it possible that teaching and research strengthen one another? Can synergy be achieved?
In this workshop we explore links between research and teaching. We look at successful practices and inhibitors. Through this workshop you will explore ways of  strengthening your research through teaching and improving teaching through your research. Several successful examples will be presented. Pitfalls will be discussed. We aim at arriving at a set of best practices that you can integrate in your job.

INVITATION ONLY: Workshop "Opt for Horizon project coordinator" (Ton de Jong) - You will be personally invited for this workshop.
Did you not receive an invitation but are you motivated to opt for coordinatorship of a Horizon project contact l.j.m.blikman@utwente.nl

INVITATION ONLY: Workshop "From the individual to the institutional level" (BMS LAB) - You will be personally invited for this workshop. 
The workshop is aimed at departments that are not yet connected to the BMS LAB. Invitation is done via department chairs, you may not be informed yet. In case you are interested in this workshop and did not receive an invitation get in contact with l.j.m.blikman@utwente.nl

The workshop starts with a welcome by Ellen Giebels and BMS PhDs for PhDs, followed by an interactive part using ‘Open space’ to address key issues in your PhD. In between, Jan Pieter Weening will provide an inspiring workshop on managing your PhD project addressing roles, communication and influence. The Open space is concluded with a discussion. After the workshop we invite you to join the social programme for PhD’s with drinks and pizza.

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