Lab facilities in Cubicus

The former Cubicles Labs and EEG in Cubicus are now part of BMS Lab. They are renovated and renamed into Flexperiment room and RecogNice

To reserve a Flexperiment room, you need to take three steps:

1. You have to fill in a request reservation form to check availability.

2. After confirmation by e-mail of your room reservation, you have to fill in the Sign-Up Form for projects (BSc/MSc assignment) or education (courses).

3. In case you need equipment you have to fill in this Reservation Form.

For questions on the management of the BMSLab rooms and additional equipment, please contact:

Room B204 (Cubicus)
Tel: (053) 489 2525

If a new program needs to be installed, this should be communicated to the BMS Lab at least five working days before the research begins.