Prof.dr. J.J. Rasker, Hans

Rheumatologist, Emeritus Professor

Building: Cubicus, secretary B119b
Telephone: +31 (0)53 – 489 4470 (secretary)

English profile


From 1991 till 2004 he was professor of psychosocial aspects of patients with rheumatic disorders, including education of patients and general public, in the dept of Communication sciences, Faculty Behavioral Sciences and Philosophy. He is since 2004 attached as emeritus professor to the department of Psychology, Health and Technology of the Faculty of Behavioral Management and Social Sciences.


  • After studying medicine at Leiden University he worked as a locum GP in several practices during half a year
  • After military service (first lieutenant doctor) he specialized in Groningen in internal medicine and rheumatology
  • In 1975 he worked as a research fellow in the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic diseases in Bath, England
  • From 1976 till 2004 he worked as consultant rheumatologist in the Medical Spectrum Twente Hospital in Enschede
  • Since then he works as consultant rheumatologist in several practices in the Netherlands, since 2008 in the MCL Leeuwarden and 2017 Jan-May Alkmaar 


At the moment no education activities at the UT.

Current Research projects

  • Since 2004 he is involved in Epidemiologic studies (COPCORD) and clinical studies together with Prof. Atiqul Haq and prof Nazrul Islam (Dhaka, Bangladesh) and with Prof. Fereydoun Davatchi (Iran)
  • Since 2007 he is involved in studies using MRI, CT scan etc in people with rheumatic disorders (spondylarthropathies, fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis and other), in cooperation with prof. Yasser Emad rheumatologist en Prof. Yasser Ragab radiologist in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and Cairo University (Egypt)
  • Since many years he studies several aspects of fibromyalgia syndrome, the last years mainly with Prof Fred Wolfe, Wichita, (USA) and with dr. Ewa Klaver-Krol, neurologist. He is especially interested in the philosophy of diseases
  • In cooperation with Jan-Willem Dannenberg and Peter ten Klooster he is involved in studies regarding the attitude of nursing students and nurses towards physically or mentally handicapped people
  • He studies feelings of guilt and shame in patients with rheumatoid arthritis with the dept of Rheumatology in Apeldoorn, dr. Jan Maarten van Woerkom and dr. Frank Eggelmeijer and with the department of rheumatology in Dhaka (prof Atiqul Haq en Prof Minhaz Choudhuri)
  • He has a long time interest in alternative and complementary treatments in patients with rheumatic disorders. A new edition of his book on this topic will be published in 2013


  • Honorary member Dutch society for Rheumatology
  • Member British Society Rheumatology
  • Member IGS (Institute for Innovation and Governance studies )
  • Member editorial board Clinical Rheumatology ( ILAR Journal)
  • Associate Editor International Journal of Rheumatology (APLAR Journal)
  • Ambassador of the Bone and Joint Decade representing the Netherlands
  • Member Editorial Board LER (Letter to the editor, rheumatology)
  • Member Editorial Board Iranian Journal Rheumatology

Some past functions:

1970-1972 Member study Group Euthanasia of the KNMG. (Royal Dutch Medical Organisation)
1970-1974 Elder Dutch Reformed church Haren (Gron.)
1972-1985 Member board Dutch foundation for voluntary euthanasia, the Hague (until the foundation was discontinued as the aims were reached
1976-1995 Co-founder and medical advisor Dutch rheumatic patients society, now called reumapatiëntenbond
1980-1988 Member consilium and visitation committee of the Dutch society for rheumatologists
1995-2001 Idem of the Dutch Society of rheumatology
1985-1992 Founder en chairman of the Ethtical committee for research in people of the Medical Spectrum Twente Hospital Enschede
1989-1992 Member Scenario Committee chronic diseases and subcommittee Rheumatoid Arthritis
1990-1998 Member Editorial board British Journal of Rheumatology
1995-2000 Member editorial board Rheumatology in Europe
1995-1997 Member advisory board Ministry of health regarding indications for chronic physiotherapy
1977-2000 Member and between 1986 and 1994 chairman of the National Rheumatology Research Committee TNO.
1995-2000 Member Advisory Board for Rheumatology research of the National Rheumatism Foundation (ARO)
1997-2001 Secretary-General of the International League of Associations for Rheumatology. (ILAR)
1997-2001 Member of the international advisory committee American College for Rheumatology (ACR).
1990-2002 Chairman of the Van Hoytema Research Committee an member of the board of the Dr. G.J. van Hoytema Foundation
1985-2003 Consultant in the Rehabilitation Centre the Roessingh
2001-2005 Chairman Standing Committee Health Professionals van de International League of Associations for Rheumatology. (ILAR)
2006 Guest professor in Health Sciences, faculty BBT
1990-2010 Guest teacher nursing institution Bunnik
1995-2006 Visiting professor in Cairo, Egypt
2000-2014 Associate editor Clinical Rheumatology (ILAR Journal)
2008-2016 consultant rheumatologist MCL Leeuwarden


  • Knight in the order of Oranje- Nassau (1998) Honorary Member Dutch Society for Rheumatology
  • Honorary Member Patient Societies Enschede, Oldenzaal and Hengelo
  • Merit Award Dutch Rheumatic Patient’s Society
  • Honorary member Dutch society for Rheumatology (2004)


  • MD-thesis: Detection of tumours with radio-labeled Bleomycin, 1975
  • Author: Rheumatism and alternative treatments 1993 and 2014 (in Dutch)
  • (Co-)author of chapters in many books on rheumatology
  • Author of more than 400 articles in rheumatological and medical journals; mainly clinical studies regarding different rheumatological disorders including RA, gout and fibromyalgia and other. He did long term follow-up studies on RA, studies on psychosocial aspects of people with rheumatic disorders education of patients and the general public and in the field of physiotherapy, especially the effects of cold and heat
  • He published in cooperation with foreign groups (UK, Indonesia, BanglaDesh, Poland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Germany, USA and other) among others epidemiological (COPCORD) and clinical studies
  • He is author of articles on alternative and complementary medicine in people with and rheumatic disorders
  • He is author of articles in the fields of nuclear medicine and medical ethics (euthanasia) and philosophy of illness

Some representative publications in the last years

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