Wrede, C. (Christian) MSc.


Presence: Mo. / Tu. / Wed. / Thu.

Room: Cubicus, room B112a

Phone number: +31 53 489 7537 / +31 53 489 4470 (secr.)


Dutch profile


Since August 2017 I am working as a lecturer at the department of Psychology, Health & Technology. I completed my BachelorĀ“s and MasterĀ“s degree in Psychology at the University of Twente, where I graduated as a psychologist, specialized in Positive Psychology and Technology, in November 2016. Both of my graduation projects focused on the use of psychological knowledge in the design and evaluation of technological innovations that contribute to well-being and (mental) health. Currently, I am involved in various modules in the bachelor programme psychology.


  • PSY MOD1 Psychology and Intervention Design
  • PSY MOD2 Social Behaviour
  • PSY MOD3 Cognition and Development
  • PSY MOD5 Health Psychology and Applied Technology
  • PSY MOD6 Mental Health
  • PSY MOD7 Research Methods and Research Project
  • Supervision Bachelor Theses