A.F.G. van Woezik (Anne)


Presence: Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri
Room: Cubicus, room B112A
Phone number: +31 53 489 5416, +31 53 489 2398 (secretary)

Dutch profile


Anne van Woezik is a junior researcher at the department of Psychology, Health and Technology (PHT) at the University of Twente (the Netherlands). Anne obtained her bachelor in Psychology at Leiden University (the Netherlands) in 2013. She has an MSc in Health Psychology (University of Southampton, United Kingdom) and an MSc in Clinical Psychology (Leiden University). She has conducted both quantitative and qualitative research, and has focused mainly on e-Health research. During her studies, she has been actively involved in teaching (teaching assistant methodology and statistics, Leiden University), research (research support assistant, University of Southampton), and as part of an internship clinical work with patients (coach for individuals with HIV and depressive symptoms, Leiden University). After graduating, she started working fulltime as a junior researcher on the eZoon project.

Research projects

“ePublic Health: Developing an interactive platform for tailored risk communication to prevent non-alimentary zoonotic diseases.” The development of eZoon (a web-based communication dashboard) to facilitate the risk communication regarding zoonotic diseases in the Netherlands. An e-learning game for professionals and an adaptive Question & Answer system will be part of the eZoon dashboard.


Junior researcher at the PHT research group