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Human Centered Design – The process of developing and designing technology by studying and involving users throughout the design. This approach aims to create technology that meaningful, useful and easy to use.

eHealth en eMental health – applications that make use of information and communication technologies (often the internet) to support or improve (mental) health.

CeHRes Roadmap – an approach that combines human centered design and business modeling to develop and evaluate eHealth technology. By focusing on users and other stakeholders, a holistic approach is taken, and the values that drive the technology design and its implementation can be mapped.

Accessibility – Technology is not always accessible to everyone; persons with a disability (temporal or permanent) are often faced with technology that they cannot use because they cannot operate the device or perceive its output. By applying design for all or accessibility principles throughout the design – which of course is focused around the user- accessibility can be improved.



I do not teach any classes at the UT at this moment

Research projects

As a postdoc researcher I am involved in the Benefit project. The goal of this project is to make healthy living fun by making healthy choices more appealing and reward healthy lifestyles. At first, the program targets patients recovering from heart attacks/cardiac disease, but takes a broad scope once the program has landed in this first setting. The University of Twente cooperates in the Benefit project as a research partner, alongside a.o. the University of Leiden and LUMC. We evaluate the online platform that is being used to motivate and stimulate people to live healthy. We focus on its persuasiveness: how does technology contribute to good self-management and for example healthy eating and revalidation exercise. User-centered research methods as well as log data analysis are involved in these studies.


Besides postdoc researcher at the UT, I am a teacher/researcher at Saxion University of applied sciences in the regular Nursing as well as the Health&Technology nursing track.


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