Taal, dr. E. (Erik)

dr. E. Taal

Associate Professor

Building: Cubicus, room B123
Telefoon: +31 (0)53 – 489 6069; +31 (0)53 – 489 4470 (secretary)
Fax: +31 (0)53 – 489 2895


Erik Taal is trained as a social psychologist. His expertise lies in the domain of health psychology. He wrote his Phd thesis about patient education and self-management in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Erik Taal is involved in research concerning psychosocial aspects of rheumatic diseases. This research is performed in cooperation with the Arthritis Centre Twente (Department of Rheumatology and clinical immunology of the hospital Medisch Spectrum Twente in Enschede).

Central theme of the research is “The patient perspective”. Two research lines can be distinguished: “Patient support and information technology” and “Evaluation of instruments for the assessment of health status and quality of life”.


  • Assessment and Health Psychology (Minor Psychology)
  • Behavioural Medicine (MA- Health Psychology)
  • Capita Selecta Health Psychology (MA- Health Psychology)
  • Supervision of bachelor & master theses (Health Psychology)
  • Research assignment (BA-Psychology)
  • Health communication (BA- Health Sciences)


Ongoing projects:

  • Patient involvement in RA-treatment decisions; patient preferences, current practices and the development & evaluation of two computerized Patient Decision Aids (PtDA’s) (researcher Ingrid Nota) (Financially supported by the Dutch Arthritis foundation)
  • Goal management: A way to successfully adapt to arthritis (Researcher R. Arends)
  • Evaluation of the Dutch PROMIS physical function item bank and computerized adaptive test in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (Researcher M. Oude Voshaar) (Financially supported by the Dutch Arthritis foundation)
  • Modeling disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis patients using item response theory.(Researcher L. Siemons)
  • Implementation of a computerized adaptive test for fatigue in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (Researcher S. Nikolaus) (Financially supported by the Dutch Arthritis foundation)
  • DREAM: Dutch Rheumatoid Arthritis Monitoring (projectleaders Prof. Dr. M.A.F.J van de Laar and Prof. Dr. P.L.M.C. van Riel, Rheumatology, Radboud University)

Recently finished projects: