Nota, I. (Ingrid) MSc.

I. Nota  MSc., Ingrid


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Building: Citadel
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Ingrid Nota received in 2007 her bachelor degree in occupational therapy. She worked as an occupational therapist specialized in rheumatology. She gives high value to client centeredness and self-management.

Her bachelor degree was followed by the master Health Sciences / Health Care Management at the University of Twente. The main themes were ‘Quality and Safety in Health Care’ and ‘Management of Medical Technology’. Her master thesis was aimed at the development of a theoretical framework for Health Technology Assessment (HTA) of innovative operating room technology. Ingrid received her master degree in January 2009.


The PhD project of Ingrid is focused on patient participation in treatment decisions of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Nowadays, patient participation in medical decision making is considered to be important, though little is known about RA patients’ preferred and actual role in treatment decisions. To this aim a survey will be conducted.

Patient Decision Aids (PtDA’s) may be valuable tools to help doctors and patients to communicate about treatment benefits and risks. It can improve patient participation. A PtDA will be developed and the effect will be studied.

The PhD-project is supervised by:
Prof. dr. M.A.F.J. van de Laar, Medisch Spectrum Twente & University of Twente, promotor
Dr. C.H.C. Drossaert, Universiteit Twente, first supervisor
Dr. E. Taal, Universiteit Twente, second supervisor.

The project is financed by The Dutch Arthritis Association.


Nota, I., Carpaij, M., Egdom, A. van, & Kuyk-Minis, M.A. van, (2007). Top-down versus bottom-up. Nederlands tijdschrift voor ergotherapie, 35(3), 30-33.