Kraiss, J.T. (Jannis) MSc.

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Jannis graduated in Psychology in 2016 at the University of Twente and completed his master’s degree Positive Psychology and Technology. In the course of his master thesis he evaluated a positive psychology intervention for military servicemen and developed a strong interest in concepts of positive psychology and how to promote mental health. Since 2017 he works as PhD student at the department of Psychology, Health & Technology at the University of Twente.


Applied Positive Psychology, 201300032

Supervising Master theses


Research projects

BiPositive: Enhancing well-being and personal recovery in patients with bipolar disorder


During his PhD project, Jannis aims to evaluate the effectiveness of an innovative multi-component positive psychology intervention for patients with bipolar disorder (BD). BD is characterized by recurrent depressive, (hypo)manic or mixed episodes that alternate with phases, in which patients are relatively symptom free (i.e. euthymic phase). Treatment for BD during the euthymic phase often focuses on symptomatic and functional recovery. The chance of relapse into mood episodes is high and needs of patients relating to improvement of well-being and personal recovery are often unmet. The focus of the intervention lies on enhancing personal recovery in patients with BD by improving well-being. In the course of this 8-week  group intervention participants learn to savor positive experiences, to identify and use personal strengths, to formulate life-goals, and to apply optimism in relation to these life-goals. The goal of the intervention is to improve well-being and personal recovery and avoid relapse into depressive or (hypo)manic phases.


This PhD project is supervised by Prof. dr. E.T. Bohlmeijer, Prof. dr. Ralph Kupka, dr. Peter ten Klooster and dr. Melissa Chrispijn