Kloos, N. (Noortje) MSc.


Presence: Ma. - Vr.
Building: Cubicus, kamer B108
Telephone: 053 – 489 6806 (hele week bereikbaar); 053 – 489 4470 (secretaresse)


I have studied at Utrecht University: I finished my bachelor Clinical and Health Psychology, after which I have completed the research master Social and Health Psychology. In my master thesis, I examined the practical applicability of a combination of self-monitoring (keeping a snack-diary) and the formation of an implementation intention (specific “if-then plan”) to reduce unhealthy snacking behavior in an obesity clinic. I have some experience in conducting research in a lab-setting, but research in an applied setting comes with specific interesting challenges.

During my masters, I have learned to critically evaluate scientific research, innovatively applying various research methods and analyzing data. Topics I have studied are health behavior, behavioral change and habitual behavior among others.


I have been given the opportunity to participate in a very special project, in which we work together with “zorggroep Sint Maarten”. Using several interventions, we will try to find ways in which the selfdetermination theory can be applied in nursing homes to increase the psychological wellbeing of residents.