Beerlage – de Jong, dr. N. (Nienke)

Nienke de Jong

PhD student

Presence: Mo. / Tu. / Wed. / Thu.
Building: Cubicus, room C139
Telephone: +31 (0)53 – 489 3517; +31 (0)53 – 489 4470 (secretary)
Fax: +31 (0)53 – 489 2895


In 2010 Nienke completed the Master Health Sciences, after which she completed the Master Health & Safety Psychology in 2012 (both at the University of Twente). For both studies, Nienke performed master assignments in the field of infection-prevention and -control. The assignments respectively focused on adherence to a hospital’s basic hygiene protocols and on the preconditions for patient participation in infectionprevention and –control.  

Subsequently, Nienke started her PhD research for the Department of Psychology, Health and Technology of the University of Twente, in 2012. This allowed her to widen and deepen her knowledge on infection prevention and antimicrobial resistance. She completed her PhD research in 2016, with her dissertation entitled “eHealth vs. Infection; Participatory development of persuasive eHealth to support safe care”.

Nienke’s research interests mainly lie in the field of persuasive eHealth technology, participatory design, gamification and decision support. Besides her research activities, Nienke is involved in the supervision of bachelor and master students and regularly gives (guest)lectures about her research, the CeHRes Roadmap and several eHealth applications. 


Currently, Nienke is working on the development of an interactive “eZoon” platform to support effective risk- and crisis-communication about zoonoses between healthcare professionals in the humane-, veterinary-, and public-healthcare. On the one hand, this platform offers an eLearning game to create awareness about and improve professionals’ competences that are needed to prevent and contain an outbreak. On the other hand, the platform offers a question-and-answer system to offer both professionals and general public tailored information and to support self-management.