Janssen, C.A. (Carly) MSc.

PhD student

Carly Janssen

Presence: Mo/Tu/Wed/Thu/Fr
Room: Cubicus C147
Phone number: +31 53 489 6533; +31 53 489 4470 (secr.)


Carly completed her Master Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University in 2013. During her master she specialized herself in the areas of public health and immunology. As of December 2014 she has been working as a PhD candidate at the department of Psychology, Health & Technology at the University of Twente. Her project is aimed at studying the effectiveness and efficacy of a new strategy for treating patients with acute gout. During the course of her PhD she will gain expertise’s in the following areas: multicenter randomized clinical trials, Good Clinical Practice, quality of life, physical functioning in patients with gout and cost-effectiveness analyses.

Research projects

During her PhD, Carly will study the effectiveness and efficacy of a new possible strategy, anakinra, for the treatment of acute gout. This will be done by setting up a multicenter randomized clinical trial wherein anakinra will be compared to the current standard of care treatments.

During her project she will receive daily supervision from Martijn Oude Voshaar. Her promotor will be Mart van de Laar.