Chakhssi, dr. F. (Farid)

Assistant professor







Cubicus, room B 203


Phone number

+31 53 489 6525

+31 53 489 4470 (secr.)





Dutch profile



Farid Chakhssi obtained his PhD in forensic psychology at Maastricht University on the first treatment outcome study of individuals with psychopathy, a severe form of antisocial personality disorder, in Dutch forensic psychiatry. Since 2016 he was appointed assistant professor at the department of Psychology, Health & Technology at the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences at Twente University. His main research interest are online assessment of personality disorders and evaluating (positive) psychological interventions for patients with personality disorders, mainly borderline, avoidant and dependent personality disorders.


Supervising Master theses

Research projects

- The effect of positive psychology interventions on well-being in clinical samples: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

- The role of attachment and working alliance in the inpatient psychotherapeutic treatment of patients with personality disorders

- Compassion focused therapy for personality disorders

- The validity of online assessment of personality pathology


Senior Researcher at GGNet – Scelta, Centre for Personality Disorders

Senior Researcher at GGNet – de Boog, Forensic Psychiatric Unit

Chair Commission for scientific research at GGNet - Scelta

Member Medical Ethical Committee Twente


Chakhssi, F., Schaap, G. M., Bohlmeijer, E. T., & Westerhof, G. J. (2017). Well-being in psychotherapy for individuals with personality disorders [Invited Web Article]. American Psychological Association: Society for the advancement of Psychotherapy.

Schaap, G. M., Chakhssi, F. & Westerhof, G.J. (2016). Inpatient schema therapy for adults with personality pathology: Associations with changes in symptomatic distress, schemas, schema modes, coping styles and positive mental health. Psychotherapy, 53, 402-412.

Chakhssi, F., Janssen, W., Pol, S. M., Dreumel, M., & Westerhof, G. J. (2015). Acceptance and commitment therapy group‐treatment for non‐responsive patients with personality disorders: An exploratory study. Personality and Mental Health, 9, 345-356.

Chakhssi, F., Kersten, G. C. M., de Ruiter C., & Bernstein, D. P. (2014). Treating the untreatable: A single case study of a psychopathic inpatient treated with Schema Therapy. Psychotherapy, 51, 447-461.

Chakhssi, F., Bernstein, D. P., & Ruiter, C. (2014). Early maladaptive schemas in relation to facets of psychopathy and institutional violence in offenders with personality disorders. Legal and Criminological Psychology, 19, 356-372.