Braakman – Jansen, Dr. L.M.A. (Annemarie)

Assistant professor

University of Twente
Faculty Behavioral Management and Social Sciences (BMS)
Dept. of Psychology, Health & Technology (PHT)
Centre for eHealth & Wellbeing Research

P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede
T: +31 6 51070396 F: +31 53 4892895
+31 53 489 4470 or 2398 (secretary)


Building Cubicus, Room C141


Annemarie Braakman works as assistant professor at the Centre for eHealth & Wellbeing Research at the University of Twente. Her research focuses on the design, implementation, process and (cost)effectiveness evaluation of persuasive technology interventions that can be used to change health behaviour in order to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities.

After studying Health Sciences (Human Movement Sciences and Health Education & Promotion) at the University of Maastricht she worked in Amsterdam at an outpatient clinic for rheumatic diseases and finished her PhD on the epidemiological project ‘Prognosis in Early Arthritis’ in 2003. As a policy advisor at the National Health Care Institute she gained experience in the field of health-economics. Since 2006 she is working at the University of Twente and works together with prof.dr. Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen.


As assistant promotor she is currently involved in research concerning the process and effect evaluation of interactive Personal Health Record (PHR) systems to improve disease management for patients with diabetes, chronic heart failure or COPD. Innovative machine learning techniques will be used to evaluate usage, identify usage patterns and user profiles as a first step towards the development of personalized coaching by data-driven feedback systems.

  • Process and effect evaluation of the web based care platform Mijn GezondheidsPlatform (MGP). PhD project Saskia Akkersdijk (2013-2016) in cooperation with Medicinfo Kenniscentrum.
  • Process and effect evaluation of the web based care platform eVita. PhD project Floor Sieverink (2013-2016).

Within the field of Public Health she is involved in the design of an interactive platform for tailored risk communication to prevent non-alimentary zoonotic disease. By co-creation with end-users and stakeholders a web-based dashboard (eZoon) consisting of a smart adaptive Question & Answer system and elearning games for professionals and the general public will be developed. The eZoon dashboard will increase awareness, self-management via self-learning and user-adaptive communication.


  • Research Methods Health Psychology (Msc Health Psychology)
  • eHealth (Msc Health Psychology)
  • Design of Persuasive Health Technology (Msc Health Psychology)
  • Health Psychology & Applied Technology: Design & Research and Theory components (bachelor Health psychology)
  • Bachelor and Master Thesis supervision