R.Y. Arends (Roos)

Roos Arends

PhD student

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Roos studied Psychology at the University of Groningen. Main subject was cross-cultural health-psychology, for which she followed courses in Medical Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. Her master thesis was into the personality and motives of humanitarian aid workers.

Research projects

Goal management: A way to successfully adapt to arthritis

The subject of the PhD research at the University of Twente is the successful adaptation to rheumatic disease and the role of goal management in this. As a consequence of disease symptoms as pain, fatigue and disability, patients often face difficulties with attaining or maintaining goals in several domains of life, including work, social relationships, leisure activities and domestic tasks. An intervention based on goal management might help patients adapt to their changed living circumstances due to the chronic disease. The first part of the project was a longitudinal study into the relations between adaptation and goal management of arthritis patients. Subsequently, a psycho-educational program was developed, focusing on the use of goal management strategies. Existing self-management courses only show small effects and improvements in adaptation are rarely sustained over a longer time. Therefore an intervention based on the flexible use of goal management strategies could be promising, as it can teach persons to respond to the demands of any situation in an appropriate way. The new intervention has already been tested in a pilot group. Currently the effectiveness of the course is studied in four hospitals in The Netherlands.

The research is being supervised by Dr. Christina Bode, Dr. Erik Taal en Prof. dr Mart van de Laar as promoter.