dr. L.C.A. Christenhusz

Lecturer and researcher

Presence: Thursday
Building: Cubicus, room B127b
Telephone: +31 (0)53 – 489 6526; +31 (0)53 – 489 4470 or 2398 (secretary)
Fax: +31 (0)53 – 489 2895
e-mail: l.c.a.christenhusz@utwente.nl


I am currently working for both the University of Twente and Dimence (Mental Health institute). I am a lecturer as well as a researcher at the University of Twente, and a psychologist specialized in fear- and mood disorders. An alliance has been mad between both organizations. I teach bachelor- and master students. Furthermore I am assisting students and other psychologists in research within the above mentioned alliance. In which I am aiming at integrating my clinical experiences in these tasks. I am mainly interested in developing innovative therapies or techniques. Ik ben met name geïnteresseerd in het ontwikkelen van innovatieve therapieën of technieken alsmede het systematisch meten van diverse effecten op gedrag en kwaliteit van leven. And also systematically measuring the effect of these interventions on behavior and quality of life.


  • Verdieping psychopathologie, code 201000093
  • Inleiding psychopathologie, code 201000132
  • Minor psychologie, code 241111


In 2006 I successfully defended my doctoral thesis entitled: ‘Smoking Cessation in COPD patients. (Cost-) effectiveness of the SmokeStopTherapy and validation of abstinence. in collaboration with Prof.dr. E.R. Seydel, dhr. Dr. M.E. Pieterse, en dhr. Dr. J. Van der Palen.

Smoking cessation is the only proven effective intervention in the treatment of COPD patients. Despite the urgent need, no effective smoking cessation interventions were

available in the Netherlands for this target group, at that time. Within the SMOKE study, the effectiveness of our newly developed intensive smoking cessation programme was being investigated. The cost-effectiveness of this new developed intervention, SmokeStopTherapy (SST), compared with the Minimal Intervention Strategy for Lung patients (LMIS) was proven. SST consists of small group sessions, individual counseling, pharmacological support (Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and Bupropion®) and the possibility to restart the individual sessions (‘recycling’) after a relapse within three months. The abstinence rates were determined and checked by salivary cotinine measures 1, 3, 6 and 12 months after the start of the intervention. This project was supported by the Dutch Asthma Foundation (NAF grant no., GlaxoSmithKline, and the Comprehensive Cancer Centre Stedendriehoek Twente, The Netherlands. For more detailed information, check: http://www.gw.utwente.nl/pgt/bestanden/copden.pdf

At the moment I am interested in systematic effectiveness evaluations within a mental health organization, using routine outcome measurements (ROM). The main topics in research are the feasibility, implementation and applicability of ROM in practice. Furthermore, my research projects are focused at innovative therapies or techniques enhancing mental health. For example; the implementation and effectiveness of internet therapy aimed at patients with anxiety- and or mood disorders.


I am working as an academic lecturer and researcher at the University of Twente. At Dimence, a mental health organization, I am working as a psychologist at a team aimed at adult patients with an anxiety- and/ or mood disorders. I am also a member of the Nederlands Instituut voor Psychologen (NIP).



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URL voor het proefschrift: http://purl.org/utwente/55444


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