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Dr. Tanja van Veldhuizen

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  • Legal Psychology
  • Cross-cultural psychology
  • Asylum Procedures
  • Credibility Assessments
  • Investigative Interviewing


Member of the support team of the Committee investigating the social safety within the armed forces.

  • Committee: prof. dr. Ellen Giebels (chair), Frans van Oostrum, prof. dr. Kees van den Bos,
  • Support team: dr. Renate Geurts, MSc. Janneke Overduin, dr. Jeannette Quast, dr. Tanja van Veldhuizen

Credibility assessments in legal procedures (2017 – now)

  • In cooperation with dr. Robert Horselenberg (Maastricht University) and MSc. Enide Maegherman (Maastricht University)

Credibility assessments in EU asylum procedures (2013-2017, PHD)

Cross-cultural differences in justice perceptions (2010-2013)


  • UT: research associate
  • Commissie Sociaal Veilige Werkomgeving Defensie (Committee investigating social safety within the armed forces)
  • Lecturer in criminology, Leiden University (starting 15-08-2018)
  • Fellow of the Amsterdam Laboratory for Legal Psychology (ALLP)
  • Expert within the advisory committee for the research Credibility assessments in asylum cases of religious converts and LHBT’s conducted by the Research and Documentation Centre of the Ministry of Justice and Security (WODC) (February – now) 



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  • Van den Bos, K., van Veldhuizen, T. S., & Au, A. C. (2015). Counter cross-cultural priming and relative deprivation: the role of individualism–collectivism. Social Justice Research, 28, 52-75. doi: 10.1007/s11211-014-0230-6


  • Van den Bos, K., Buurman, J., De Theije, V., Doosje, B., Loseman, A., Van Laarhoven, D., Van Veldhuizen, T., & Veldman, J. (2012). On shielding from death as an important yet malleable motive of worldview defense: Christian versus Muslim beliefs modulating the self-threat of mortality salience. Social Cognition, 6(30), 778-802.
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