Scientific Staff

Scientific Staff

Steven Watson


  • Verbal and non-verbal markers of malevolent behaviour
  • Interview rapport
  • Risk perception
  • Trust

Research Interests

I am based at Lancaster University in the UK where I am currently working on projects focussed upon identifying non-verbal and linguistic markers of malevolent and deceptive behaviour, and understanding the communication dynamics of investigative interviewing. I am a multi-disciplinary researcher and in the past I have explored the effects of androgen exposure on human development, medication taking, and unlawful file sharing. I also have an interest in research synthesis and meta-analysis. While visiting the University of Twente I will be collaborating on two projects. The first will utilise virtual reality and motion capture technology to help us develop an immersive training suite for investigative interviewers. A second will explore interpersonal sense-making in a novel negotiation scenario to help us better understand how incorrect assumptions about our conversation partners can disrupt communicative processes, and how we can remedy this to attain cooperative outcomes.


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