PhD and Research

PhD and Research

Anja Jansen
PhD Student

Telephone: +31 (0)53 – 489 5279
(secretary, room B205)


In 2007 I finished my research master in Biology at the University of Groningen, followed by a master in Science Communication at the same university. My research master thesis was focused on the influence of depression on the non-verbal communication between adolescents.


In my PhD-project I will examine the psychological process behind criminal behavior. As a start-off point I'll be using the 'Broken Windows Theory', which states that people in a disorderly environment exhibit more criminal behavior compared to people in a neutral environment. Besides researching disorder in the environment, I will also be looking at environmental interventions like video surveillance, and study possible interactions with personality traits.

The PhD-project is supervised by Prof. dr. Ellen Giebels (first supervisor), dr. Thomas van Rompay (second supervisor) and Prof. dr. Marianne Junger (third supervisor). Prof. dr. Ellen Giebels will be the promoter for this project.


  • Master thesis supervision
  • Bachelor thesis supervision
  • (Guest) lecturer


  • Member European Association of Psychology & Law (EAPL).
  • Member Association of Social-Psychology Researchers (ASPO).


Jansen, A.M., Giebels, E., Austrup, S., Junger, M. The influence of the environment: Uncovering the psychological mechanism behind undesired behavior and the importance of locus of control. 4th International Congress on Psychology and Law, Miami (USA), March 2011.