PhD and Research overview


Marije H. Bakker, MSc.
Areas of expertise:
- Risk communication
- Crisis communication
- Behavioral decision making
- Helping behavior
- Virtual environment

Lisanne I.S.A. van den Berg, MSc.
Areas of expertise:
- User centered design
- Human-computer interaction
- Victim-offender mediation

Miriam C. de Graaff, MSc.
Areas of expertise:
Moral judgment
- Leadership behavior
- High stake environments
- Social interactions

Milou Kievik, MSc.
Areas of expertise:
Risk perception
- Risk communication
- Self-protective behavior

Stijn de Laat, MSc.
Areas of expertise: 
Sensor data
- Interaction patterns
- Teams

Miriam S.D. Oostinga, MSc.
Areas of expertise:
- Suspect interviews
- Crisis negotiation
- Detention
- Human trafficking

Lennart Quispel, MSc.
Areas of expertise:
- Agent Based Modeling
- Cognitive Science
- Risk Perception

Wendy Schreurs, MSc.
Areas of expertise: 
- Community policing
- Citizen participation
- Decision processes
- Motivational behavior