Exchange student 


I am a second year master student of Intercultural Psychology with the focus on cross-cultural social psychology, culture and development and intercultural business psychology at the University of Osnabruck. In my master thesis I studied the relationships between attachment theories and mentoring success.

From July 2009 until September 2013 I worked as a scientific assistant for the project management of the intercultural mentoring programme of Osnabruck University and from October 2011 till September 2013 I was a counsellor for families with children from 0 – 3 years with development and regulation disorders at a university supported counselling centre.

However my real passion was my work as a scientific assistant at the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony in Hannover where I worked at a project about domestic abuse and at a longitudinal study with the focus on development of deviant behaviour, development of mental disorders and resilience and protective factors.