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BMS - Vakgroep PCRS (EN)

 Dr. J.A. Quast (Jeannette)


  •  Human-computer interaction: the design and use of computer technology with the focus on the interface between people and computers
  • Artificial Intelligence: intelligence performed by machines
  • Strategic-knowledge development: exploratory research into future social and technological developments
  • Knowledge management: creating, sharing, using, evaluating and managing knowledge and information within organisations
  • Evidence-based policy-making: policy decisions informed by scientific evidence


  • Member of the support team of the Committee investigating the social safety climate within the Military.


  •  UT: Research associate
  • Commissie Sociaal Veilige Werkomgeving Defensie (Committee investigating the social safety climate within the Military): member of the support team
  • Ministry of Justice and Security: Consultant Strategic Knowledge Development


  • Computers en Vage Normen: Een computermodel voor de behandeling van juridische casus (Computers and Vague Norms: A computer model for the handling of legal cases). 1996. PhD Thesis, Leiden University.
  • Flyland: Conclusies bij het voortijdig einde van het onderzoek naar een luchthaveneiland (Flyland: Conclusions on premature termination of the research into an airport island). 2003. Co-author.
  • Van Vergeetpil tot Robotpak: Human Enhancement voor een veilige en rechtvaardige samenleving? (Forgetting Pill and Robot Suit: human enhancement for a safe and just societty?) 2011. Co-editor.