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Critical Pathway to Insider Risk Research project

internship/ master thesis assignment 


Signpost Six


The Hague 



Information about organisation

Signpost Six is a behavioural intelligence company, providing psychological trainings and assessments for intelligence and security purposes and objectives. We gather, assess, identify, analyse, and implement behavioural intelligence that support organisations and individuals to deal with the opportunities and threats related to increased information interconnectedness and related security landscape. This stems from the fact that - both online and offline - we are ever more linked and traceable. Signpost Six offers comprehensive Insider Risk Management programmes which fully integrate behavioural (psychological) aspects into technical solutions and programmes for anomaly detection. Data theft or other malicious acts don’t just happen spontaneously. It’s a process that takes place over time and entails a common set of factors and similar patterns of individual- and organisational behaviour leading to such acts. Signpost Six calls this “the Road to Derailment”. This fortunately implies opportunities for interventions early on, both within the organisation as for the individual.

The assignment

Signpost Six is using solid scientific foundations as a basis for their product suite on insider threats, however, all this data is relatively old and based on US based case studies (mainly through the Carnegie Mellon database). It is important to gather insights from insider incidents in Europe and gather all available data of those incidents based on the critical pathway aspects. Please see a background article here: link . This data gathering will be a very unique piece of work in Europe and will provide a new basis for solutions for organizations in managing insider risks. The output of the internship or project will be a database and analysis of the gathered incidents. The work will need to be fully conducted in English but you'll need to be able to read Dutch as well.

More information

Sven Zebel 


This external internship / master thesis research is intended for master students of PCRS. Are you interested in this assignment? Please send a short motivation (max 200 words) to Sven Zebel ( After you have had contact with Sven Zebel about this internship, you can contact the organisation.