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In case of emergency

In case of emergency …...

Theme: Risk communication and resilience

Risk communication might be important to increase individual resilience. Many studies have been conducted to find effective communication modalities (from theoretical perspectives as PMT, EPPM, TPB and others). Concepts are self-efficacy, response efficacy, information seeking (or sufficiency), trust, and others (these concepts are elaborated in the Master course Risk and Leadership).

However, some issues are still open for research:

How do individuals

  • Assess the validity of an emergency or warning message (in terms of self- and response efficacy, and trust).
  • How do the mentioned concepts interact to predict resilient behaviour (self and response efficacy).
  • Assess the importance of social media characteristics (peer feedback) on trust, self- and response efficacy in resilient behaviour.

The thesis research may focus on:

  • The conceptual framework to be used or (further) developed.
  • The methodology and measurement tools (experimental or survey)
  • More effective types of persuasion.
  • The role of risk communication tools (e.g. peer feedback in social media).

Student preferences regarding the specific risk and safety issue that will be studied, and their creativity are important and appreciated.

Additional (more specific) information is available.

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