New Master Thesis Assignments

Determinants of risk perception


Theme: Risk communication and resilience

Risk perception (or risk awareness or threat appraisal) is an important determinant of the motivation of individuals to start taking decisions about their resilience. It seems to operate as either the brake or the accelerator of individual decision making and behaviour related to risk and safety. There is a quite substantial amount of research in risk perception, however relatively little is known about this link between risk perception and resilience (The Master course Risk and Leadership provides theoretical foundations).

A specific research question could be related to:

  • The conceptual framework to be used or (further) developed.
  • The methodology and measurement tools (experimental or survey)
  • The role and meaning of risk perception as seen by the individual for their risk decision making.

Student preferences regarding the specific risk and safety issue that will be studied, and their creativity are important and appreciated.

Additional (more specific) information is available.

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