New Master Thesis Assignments

What was first - the chicken or the egg? The case of risk information seeking


The Risk Information Seeking and Processing model postulates that individuals seek information when they are perceive their knowledge on a topic to be insufficient to take an adequate decision regarding a particular risk (information insufficiency). The idea that is that individuals who are less satisfied with their knowledge are more inclined to seek information. A negative relationship! In a study, a positive relationship was found however:  the more information individuals sought (and found), the more satisfied they were with their knowledge on the topic. The question is how these contradictory results can be explained.

Research question

The assignment is to experimentally study 1) to what extent a high level of perceived information insufficiency leads to a high level of information seeking and 2) to what extent a high level of information seeking leads to a high level of satisfaction with the gathered information. The topic of the assignment will be determined in discussion with the supervisor.


The assignment relates to a research theme within the Department Psychology of Conflict, Risk and Safety that focuses on risk information seeking and processing.

Research method


Data- analysis

The data of this study will be analysed by quantitative data analysis programmes such as SPSS or R.


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