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Challenge Day @ Dutch Police, Round 2

Challenge Day @ Dutch Police, Round 2

Recently, the Dutch Police has received considerable criticism, not only for racial profiling, but also for having an organisational culture that is not open to minorities in Dutch society, such as people from Moroccan or Turkish decent, homosexuals, etc. To change organizational culture, the Amsterdam Police want to participate in so-called Challenge Day sessions, in which police employees participate in “experience workshops” and programs aimed at connecting people, creating appreciation of cultural diversity, authenticity and self expression.

The current research aims to evaluate the effects of Challenge Day interventions on the members of Dutch Police participating in it, both directly after the sessions and on a somewhat longer term. Based on results of Round 1, students’ task will be to design and conduct an evaluation.

The second round of the Challenge Day procedure will start in March.

This assignment is open to 2 – 3 master students.


Please contact Sven Zebel ( if you are interested in this assignment.