New Master Thesis Assignments

Effectiveness of a Behavioral Profiling Training @ SDR Academy

internship/ master thesis assignment 

The Search Detect React® (SDR®) method, developed by Ran Cohen, is an approach to uncover malicious intent, for instance to commit a criminal offence,  by attuning senses and sharpening natural instincts. SDR is a proactive security method and philosophy with a focus on effective prevention rather than reaction. As such, the training negates ethnic profiling and allows users to detect abnormal behavior before it becomes harmful action.

Various safety stakeholders have participated in this training, ranging from neighborhood watches to members of the Dutch police force and Dutch Railways personnel.

Research goals and method 

Last year a pilot study was conducted to assess training effectiveness, and to start developing a tool to be used to evaluate training in the years to come. In 2018, several teams from the Dutch Police will enter the training, and SDR Academy wants to evaluate their progress. The current study focuses on assessing the effect of the training on police personnel over various training rounds, and further improving this evaluation tool.

Based on a thorough literature study, you will develop ideas about potential outcome measures and mediating variables. While assessing participants with the tool developed so far, you will gather data from participants, e.g., through interviews, observations, or questionnaires, to test the validity of your ideas. These may then be incorporated in the tool. Of special importance in this project is the use of location-based and/or eye-tracking technology (GPS trackers, Toby Glasses, …).

This assignment is open to 1 - 2 master students, who may work together to conduct their research. In addition to increased scientific insights, these studies should result in clear recommendations on how to appropriately measure training outcomes, so as to help SDR to evaluate their trainings.

This project requires you to get acquainted with SDR Company and their SDR training at The Hague Security Delta, and conduct the preparations for your research partly in The Hague (approximately one day a week), under supervision of SDR Academy employees who happen to be psychologists, and who have recently graduated at PCRS (UT).


Please contact Sven Zebel ( if you are interested in this assignment.