New Master Thesis Assignments

How is life on the UT campus?

June 22 2017

The plan

We are looking for three to four students who want to participate – for their master thesis - to a collaborative research project that will investigate the life satisfaction and possible problems on the UT campus.

Background. About 2000 researchers and 10,000 students work and study on our UT campus. About 2000 students and 60 staff residences live on campus. In general there are few problems. However, some issues have been signalled by Campus Security. This is the background of the study. We want to know more about what is going well and what could be improved to make our campus an even better place.

Aims. The study could focus on the following research questions.

1. Description of the life satisfaction and possible problems. The research could provide a picture of the life satisfaction, the presence of problems as experienced by the students and other residents of the campus and as recorded by the security.

2. Development of incidents over time. Based on registered incidents, it can be investigated whether problems have increased in recent years.

3. Possible causes. The research will pay attention to possible explanations for the identified problems.

4. Interventions. The research should provide key points for ways to improve the life satisfaction and propose experiments to test specific interventions in combination with an evaluation study.

Methodology.   We are thinking of a study that could 1) develop a survey among those who live on campus, 2) provide an analysis of security incidents over time, and 3) perform a geographic analysis of these incidents.

The study will take about 6 to 8 months.


You will work in a team consisting of students from BMS and CTW. The head of the UT Security department will join in the supervision together with the teachers. Other UT-departments may be involved as well.


Experience with GIS and programming in Ma lab, python or R is appreciated, especially for the technical students. Good methodological skills for the social science students is important.

You need to be able to work in a broader team together with UT-employees. It’s nice if you like multidisciplinary research and like security and policy issues.


  • Prof. M. Junger (BMS-IEBIS) – contact for social science students
  • Teacher from the PCRS department (requirement for conducting this thesis research) 
  • Dr. L. La Paix Puello,  (CTW) - contact for CTW/technical students
  • Prof. K. Geurs (CTW)
  • In collaboration with B. Kiers (Dienst Beveiliging) and P. Fij (Facilitair Bedrijf)