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Seeking information regarding our physical and social safety


Information plays an important role in many issues regarding individual resilience. When being confronted with a risk or a threat seeking additional information is extremely relevant, and the first step to solving the problem. As a research domain, determinants of individual risk information seeking is rather new. Recent literature provides us with several conceptual (hypothetical) models that assume relations between psychological determinants and risk information seeking. Concepts as risk perception, social trust and self-efficacy seem important. The number of empirical studies is rather low, however. Neither is much research available on individual’s risk information seeking regarding their preferences for communication tools (e.g. Social Media versus more traditional means) or their assessment of the trustworthiness of sources (relational trust, or competence or fake news for instance).

Research questions will be decided upon with the student, but examples are:

  • The firmness of a hypothetical/conceptual framework and the choice of concepts.
  • The validity and consistency of research tools.
  • The role of information tools (e.g. Social Media) in the process of seeking risk information.
  • The role of risk information seeking in the context of resilience.

type of Research

Experimental, survey, which best fits with  the research question.


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2017/2018 Semester 2


Additional research literature is available.