New Bachelor Thesis Assignments

Understanding sustainable environmental behaviour – the case of food waste


A question that is currently much debated is how we can keep feeding the growing world population, and how we can do that and still protect the environment. One factor that contributes to this pressing problem is that we, consumers in the Western world, “waste” too much of our foods. We purchase and prepare more than we need and we use only small amounts of our leftovers to prepare a new meal. In order to influence this behaviour, knowledge on its determinants is needed. An important question therefore is what determines the extent to which consumers behave conscientiously with regard to their foods. Of particular interest is the question whether views in the social environment of the individual play an important role in this respect.


Research question

The assignment is to study 1) how the Dutch population perceives the necessity and feasibility of various ways to reduce food waste and 2) what determines the extent to which they behave conscientiously with regard to their foods.

 This assignment relates to a research theme within the Department of Psychology of Conflict, Risk and Safety that focuses on perception and communication with respect to food related issues.


Research method

A survey or experiment seems to be the most obvious way to answer the research question. The data of this study will be analysed by quantitative data analysis programmes such as SPSS or R.



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