New Bachelor Thesis Assignments

Determinants of risk perception


Risk perception seems to play a crucial role in many issues of individual resilience, the personal assessment of threat and severity, or the seeking risk related information. Risk perception seems to function as either the accelerator or the brake with these types of personal assessments. So it is important to better understand this phenomenon. It is a topic of empirical research for some years now, and a considerable amount of literature is available, however numerous questions remain unanswered.

Research questions will be decided upon with the student, but examples are:

  • The firmness of a hypothetical/conceptual framework and the choice of concepts.
  • The validity and consistency of research tools.
  • The role and importance of risk context and risk-related behaviour.
  • The importance of risk perception for risk information seeking and resilience.

type of Research

Experimental, survey, which best fits with  the research question.


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2017/2018 Semester 2


Additional research literature is available.