The concept of Self Efficacy is crucial in many behavioral and cognitive aspects related to individual resilience. Most studies have focussed on the impact Self Efficacy has on cognitions, emotions or behavioral choices. However, the determinants of Self Efficacy are less well understood. So, this project aims to add knowledge in this domain.

Projects could focus on severe life events and their (presumably negative) impact on Self Efficacy, or the interaction with pet animals and their (presumably positive) impacts. Students may have additional ideas, which are welcomed.

Projects can have various research methods, for each project and research question a feasible method will be chosen.

Examples are: Literature analysis regarding the concepts under analysis, or the validity and reliability of research instruments (e.g. questionnaitres), experimental research, survey research.

For these projects additional information is available.


Interested? Contact CRS BA-Thesis coördinator Jan Gutteling (