New Bachelor Thesis Assignments

Perceived risks of tattoo-ink


There is a debate on the health risks of the ink that is used in tattoo’s. Risk assessment studies seem to suggest that, if there is a risk, it relates to potential allergic reactions to the ink. In order to increase informed decision making, information on the risks should be made available to those interested. To develop an effective risk communication strategy, information is needed on the perceptions and attitudes within the society, and on the variables to which these perceptions are related, such as the appreciation of tattoo’s and the views within the social environment. An important question therefore is how individuals perceive the risks of tattoo’s, and what variables affect these perceptions.


Research question

The assignment is to study 1) how the Dutch population perceives the risks of tattoo’s and 2) what variables affect the risk perception related to tattoo’s.

 This assignment relates to a research theme within the Department of Psychology of Conflict, Risk and Safety that focuses on perception and communication with respect to health risk taking behaviour.


Research method

A survey or experiment seems to be an obvious way to answer the research question. The data of this study will be analysed by quantitative data analysis programmes such as SPSS or R.



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