New Bachelor Thesis Assignments

Attitude toward sustainable energy


In the past, groups within the public were opposed particular forms of sustainable energy. They objected for instance to wind energy as this would lead to “horizon pollution”. This lead to a situation in which the energy production in the Netherlands relied very much upon gas mining in Groningen.

In recent years, however, societal concern about this technology has emerged. Gas mining has been blamed for producing earthquakes and inhabitants of the region have started to claim compensation for damages to their homes.

This leads to the question whether the population in the Netherlands is nowadays willing to accept the downsides of alternative, sustainable forms of energy production, such as wind and solar energy, in order to reduce gas mining and its downsides.

Research question 

The assignment is to study 1) how the Dutch population perceives the risks and benefits of sustainable forms of energy production, in particular wind energy, and 2) what the role of the social environment is in this respect.

The assignment relates to a new research theme within the Department Psychology of Conflict, Risk and Safety that will focus on communication processes with respect to sustainable energy.


Both survey and experiment seem to be appropriate research strategies to fit the research question. The data of this study will be analysed by quantitative data analysis programmes such as SPSS or R.



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