PCRS Master thesis

25-35 EC master's thesis activities and schedule guideline

The tables below presents the guidelines for the schedule of the master thesis for PCRS (as also presented on afstudeerweb, but now including suggested deadlines based on the study programme courses).

The schedule below is a guideline for the timing of your activities. You are responsible for the planning; if necessary you can make adjustments to the schedule, but be sure to do this in agreement with your supervisor. Please ask your supervisor in advance about possible holidays/conventions that need to be taken into account. In the schedule below, the months July and August are regarded as holiday months, but if you want to work on your master thesis, you can adjust the planning accordingly.

Note that the entire master’s programme is to be completed within one academic year. In case you need considerable more supervision than outlined in the schedule below, this may have consequences for the final evaluation of your master thesis project.

Master start in February



February 1st – April 1st

Orientation phase

Read master thesis assignments on afstudeerweb

First contact the master thesis coordinator; then contact the supervisor of the assignment you are interested in to indicate your interest / ask questions

Before April 1st

Decide on master thesis assignment


Meeting 1

Initial meeting on research and literature contents


 Before April 15th


First / provisional objective and question and literature review



Meeting 2

Discuss: first / provisional objective and question, literature review, design of the method and the time schedule


Before May 1st  


Design of the introduction, hypotheses and draft master's thesis contract



Meeting 3:

Discuss: design of the introduction, hypotheses, literature review and objective and question.

Sign master's thesis contract (refer to Afstudeer-web), and submit within six weeks following Meeting 1 to the Educational Affairs Office

Input from 2nd supervisor

Before May 15th  


Introduction, draft method (target group, procedure, questionnaires, etc).

State date in master's thesis contract


Meeting 4:

Discuss: feedback introduction (including hypotheses), design of the research; apply for ethical approval at website :

-Expect 10 working days to process your ethical approval

-Note that you must have approval to start data collection!


Before June 15th  


Data collection materials

State date in master's thesis contract


Meeting 5

Discuss: materials and ethical approval, green light for starting data collection



Start data collection; send regular updates to supervisor


Before October 1st  


Data analysis proposal



Meeting 6

Discuss: progress of data analysis and presentation of results in report


Before October 21st


Draft report of results, data file and syntax (if applicable)

State date in master's thesis contract


Meeting 7:

Discuss: feedback on results and analysis; prepare writing the discussion

Optional: input 2nd supervisor

Before November 21st  


Draft report, including results and discussion



Meeting 8:

Feedback on results and discussion


 Before December 15th


Draft complete, proof version of master thesis

State date in master's thesis contract


Meeting 9

Green light meeting and feedback on proof version of master thesis. Green light if the master thesis in its current version can be awarded at least a mark of 6. Discuss colloquium set up with supervisor.

2nd supervisor present

Submit (at least 3 working days prior to the colloquium):

Final master's thesis

Prepare colloquium


Before February 1st  


 2nd supervisor present