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What makes a good team tick - Research in escape rooms!


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Social interactions are very important to understand how people cooperate successfully within teams. Especially within escape rooms, in which teams solve several puzzles under time pressure, communication is of great importance for a successful cooperation and quick escape. Recent technological developments within the field of ‘track-and-trace’-sensors enable us to visualize and research these interactions in an objective and unobtrusive way. Within this research we use such sensors that register the social interactions of teams in escape rooms via Bluetooth, infrared and microphones. This way we can find out what makes a team successful.

As part of the internship you will collect data in teams that have booked a commercial escape room (Roomescape Twente/polaroid factory) and who want to participate in our study. You shall inform the participants, distribute badges and questionnaires, and score their progress via a live video stream. The final product of your internship is a combined dataset consisting of questionnaire data, effectiveness scores and sensor data. A comprehensive overview of this dataset (descriptive analyses) is a second product that will provide us a first insight in team cooperation. In consultation with the researchers, a possible thesis project could result from this internship.

This internship is part of a running research project by Stijn de Laat under supervision of Prof. Dr. Reinout E. de Vries, Dr. Sven Zebel, Dr. Maaike D. Endedijk and Dr. Ir. Maurice van Keulen. The focus in this research project lies on team interactions, cohesion, personality and team effectiveness.

Contact info:

This internship is intended for students following the Mastertrack PCRS. Do you want to apply for this internship? Please send a short statement of purpose (max. 200 words) to theme coordinator Sven Zebel ( You can also contact Sven Zebel if you have questions about this internship.