BMS - Vakgroep PCRS (EN)


Because new technologies are usually accompanied by risk perceptions and aversion, it is important to understand how people react to and make sense of new technology-related risks. One of our PhD projects, for example, focuses on risk perceptions and behavior in relation to Nano modification of food.


Technology also shapes the way people interact, referring to e.g. online behavior (cybercrime) and offering possibilities for technology-aided intervention (e.g. online victim-offender mediation). One of our PhD projects, for example, evaluates a new online legal aid tool, which is administered and developed further by the Legal Aid Board in the Netherlands.


New technology allows for the monitoring and analyses of large groups and datasets (e.g. capturing movement, (non)verbal behavior, physiology) in actual high- stakes situations; we use sociometric badges to measure group interaction, GPS sensors to examine movement patterns, and LIWC software to do text analyses. As an example, one of our PhD projects uses Thought Technology skin conductance sensors to examine cognitive and affective load during deception processes.

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