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My work focuses on a better understanding of high-stakes, real-world conflicts and how they might be resolved peacefully. Since 1996, I work with Dutch, other European and North American police forces, justice departments and the military on topics related to how to promote behavioral change, on intelligence gathering and deception detection, and on the psychology of victimization and conduct after capture. I am also interested in issues related to moral (dis)engagement, third-party conflict interventions and cultural differences in police-civilian interactions. In 2012, I received the Rubin Theory-to-practice-reward, co-sponsored by the International Association of Conflict Management (IACM) and the Harvard Program on Negotiation.



Management team (assistant to the dean (a.i.), Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social sciences University of Twente


Head of department Psychology of Conflict, Risk & Safety, Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social sciences, University of Twente


Full professor Social Psychology of Conflict and Safety, Oratie


Associate Professor, University of Twente


Assistant Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology, University of Groningen


Behavioural Science Unit of the Federal Police, Brussels, Belgium


Postdoc (NWO) project on crisis negotiations


PhD project “negotiation in organizations” (public defence November 8th 1999, University of Groningen, NL)


Visiting research fellow (5 months) at Queensland University of Technology, Australia


Project manager at institute for post-academic courses, Utrecht (PAO)


MSc in Social and Organizational Psychology, University of Groningen, NL



•Module Psychology and Safety (B2)

•Forensic Psychology (Master track Conflict, Risk & Safety)


•Supervision of bachelor and Master Thesis

201000153 (Ma)


Cross-cultural differences in eliciting information

Researcher: Miriam Oostinga (started in 2013)

Funded by a US government grant

Early triage in conflict (started in 2012)

PhD student: Marian van Dijk

Supervision in collaboration with dr. Sven Zebel (University of Twente)

Funded by the Council for Legal Aid, Ministry of Justice

Self-help and citizen participation in the social safety domain (started in 2012)

PhD student: Marije Bakker

Supervision in collaboration with prof. dr. José Kerstholt (TNO/UT)

Funded by TNO

Prevent risk conflict escalation: the role of framing (started in 2012)

PhD student: Milou Kievik

Supervision in collaboration with dr. Jan Gutteling (University of Twente & European University of Cyrus)

Funded by a Saxion University of Applied Sciences Scholarship

Deception management: psychological processes and cognitive load during deceit (started in 2012)

PhD student: Sabine Ströfer

Supervision in collaboration with dr. Matthijs Noordzij & dr. Elze Ufkes (University of Twente) Partial funding by IGS, University of Twente

Military identity and its influence on behavior (started in 2009)

PhD student: Miriam de Graaff

Supervision in collaboration with prof. dr. Desiree Verweij (Dutch Defence Academy, Faculty of Military Sciences)

Funded by the Dutch Defense Academy, Faculty of Military, Leadership & Ethics program

The influence of the environment and CCTV on criminal behavior (started in 2009)

PhD student: Anja Jansen

Supervision in collaboration with dr. Thomas van Rompay (University of Twente) and prof. dr. Marianne Junger (University of Twente)

Partial funding by IGS, University of Twente

Interventions in Leadership concerning task-related and relational conflicts within teams (started in 2008)

PhD student: Moritz Römer (external)

Supervision in collaboration with dr. Sonja Rispens (Technical University of Eindhoven) and prof. dr. Martin Euwema (University of Leuven)


Associate editor Legal and Criminological Psychology

Editorial Board Negotiation and Conflict Management Research

Advisor Dutch National Police Agency

Full Member of the Kurt Lewin Institute, National research school for social psychology and its applications

Mentor in the UT Mentor-mentee network

Committee scientific integrity, University of Twente (2012-2014)

Central ombudsperson (confidential advisor), University of Twente (2009-2014)

Evaluation committee lectoraat Public Order Management of the Police Academy of the Netherlands, together with F. Bovenkerk, F. Paauw, & F. Bakker (2013).

Program committee European Net of Excellence SSPNet (Social Signal Processing

Network, Seventh Framework Program7) conference, Roma, October 29-31 2013.

Guidance committee for a project of the program Police & Science on Communication in kidnapping cases (2013).

Referee committee VSNU student Research Conference 2013

Chair WODC committee “veiligheidsrisico’s in de schietsport” (2012)

NWO Talent committee (2012)


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Beune, K. & Giebels, E. (2013). The management of protected witnesses: A behavioural perspective. Universiteit Twente. (Also available in Dutch)

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Van Erp, K., Giebels, E., Van der Zee, K.I. & Van Duijn, M. A.J. (2011). Expatriate adjustment: The role of conflict and justice in intimate relationships. Personal Relationships, 18, 58-78.

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