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dr. M.A. (Mariangela) Veikou

Research fellow on migration, asylum and digital cultures.

Phone:+31534897484 / 3260
E-mail: M.A. Veikou
Ravelijn building room RA 4123


Mariangela Veikou is a research fellow at the department of Public Administration University of Twente, The Netherlands. She holds a BSc in Political Science and European Studies (Panteio University, Greece), an MSc in European Studies, Law and Politics, (Tilburg University, NL) and a PhD in Social and Political Sciences (European University Institute, Italy). She has had visiting scholar, research and teaching posts at the department of Anthropology at the LSE (UK), Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, EUI (I), Institute of Migration and Ethnic Studies, University of Amsterdam (NL), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR), Democritus University of Thrace (GR), University of Leicester (UK), the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (GR) on a project by the NBG Research Fellowship -Hellenic Observatory, LSE (UK). She also worked as a Chair of Asylum Appeals Committees at the Appeals Authority of the Asylum Service, Greek Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction and occasionally acts as Expert Evaluator for Proposals of EU projects (Horizon 2020).

Areas of expertise

  • Social and political theory
  • Sociology of migration and asylum governance
  • Citizenship
  • Education and Social Inclusion


Her research focus lies in politics of migration and asylum, migration governance and rhetoric in Europe, citizenship studies, digital cultures, identity and belonging, ethnography.



She has teaching experience on the areas of:

  • Asylum, Migration, Social Media (2018)
  • Social Problems / Public Administration (2018)
  • Citizenship - Digitization (2018)
  • European Policies on Migration and Asylum (2010)
  • Sociological Theories (2009)
  • Sociology of Education (2009)
  • Education and Social Inclusion (2008-2010)
  • Migration Theory (2007)
  • Multiculturalism, Politics of Diversity in Europe (2006)
  • Theories of Immigrant Integration (2004)


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Other Publications

2011 “Variations on a theme of ‘homeland’. The description of ethnic identity in migrants’ narratives”, chapter in A. Moisidis & D. Papadopoulou (eds.), ‘The social integration of migrants in Greece: work, education, identities’, Kritiki, pp. 183-210 (in Greek).

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  • Member of the Greek Council for Refugees
  • Member of the Society for the Advancement of Socio Economics
  • Member of the Hellenic African Studies Network
  • Member of the E.U.I. Alumni Association
  • Member of the Marie Curie Fellows Association
  • Member of the LSE Alumni Association
  • Founding Member of Theofilos Veikos Association for Critical Thinking and Philosophy
  • TAIEX Member State Expert