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Sedef Turper
Ph.D. student

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Room: RA-4262

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General information

Sedef Turper joined the department of Political Science and Research Methods (POLMT) as a PhD candidate in March 2011. She is part of the European Social Survey Netherlands team and she is involved in a developmental project funded by NWO. The project constitutes the panel component of European Social Survey and aims at providing a better estimate of the quality of measures.

Sedef Turper studied Political Science and International Relations in Bogazici University and she obtained a Master’s degree in International Relations from Istanbul Bilgi University on the basis of her dissertation titled ’’The Role of Education in Shaping National Identities: Findings of the Survey Study with Greek and Turkish Primary School Children’’.

Research interests

Political Psychology, Research Methods, Nationalism, Social Policy


Sedef Turper, Shanto Iyengar, Kees Aarts & Minna van Gerven (2014). Who is Less Welcome?: The Impact of Individuating Cues on Attitudes towards Immigrants. In: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. ISSN 1369-183X (Print), 1469-9451 (Online)

Conference Papers


  • Turper, S., Aarts, K. & van Gerven, M. (2013) Separating Political Attitude Change from Attitude Uncertainty: (In)Consistency Experiments of the ESS Panel Component. American Association for Public Opinion Research 68th Annual Conference: Boston, United States (2013, May 16 – 2013, May 19).
  • Turper, S., Aarts, K. & van Gerven, M. (2013). Who is Less Welcomed? : Assessing the Impact of Individuating Cues on Dutch Attitudes towards Immigrants. Third Annual General Conference of European Political Science Association: Barcelona, Spain (2013, June 20 - 2013, June 22).
  • Turper, S., Iyengar, S., Aarts, K. & van Gerven, M. (2013). Who is Less Welcomed?: The Impact of Individuating Cues on Attitudes toward Immigrants. 7th MESS Workshop: The Hague, The Netherlands (2013, August 30 – 2013, August 31).


  • Turper, S. (2012). Giving the right options, getting better responses: Split Ballot MTMM Experiments on Response Options in Surveys. Presentation at Research and Expertise Centre for Survey Methodology, Barcelona, Spain (2012, January 31).
  • Turper, S. (2012) Charting and Explaining Political Attitude Change. A Panel based on the European Social Survey. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) Workshop on ‘Change in political attitudes: Panels and Experiments’: Barcelona, Spain. (2012, June 7 – 2013, June 8).
  • Turper, S., aarts, K. & van Gerven, M. (2012). Political Attitude Change: A Closer Look at the Micro-Level Processes through (In)Consistency Experiments of the ESS Panel Component. 4th European Social Survey (ESS) Workshop on Stability and Change in Europe: The Hague, The Netherlands (2012, Sept 27).