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René Torenvlied holds a PhD in sociology from University of Groningen (with honors, 1996), on the model-guided analysis of collective decision-making and policy implementation. Between 1996 and 1999, he held positions as a post-doctoral researcher in sociology at University of Amsterdam and assistant professor in public administration at VU University Amsterdam. After being awarded a “personal post-doc” grant by NWO, Torenvlied joined the Sociology Department of Utrecht University in 1999—first as an assistant professor and later as an associate professor. In 2006 he was awarded a VIDI grant from NWO and the Utrecht University “high potentials” grant. Between 2009 and 2011 Torenvlied held the part-time “James S. Coleman” chair in modeling collective decision-making and policy implementation at University of Groningen. In 2011 he was appointed professor of public sector management at Leiden University and was scientific director of the Institute of Public Administration at Leiden University, Faculty Campus The Hague. As of October 2013, Torenvlied is appointed as a professor in public management at University of Twente, and from April 2014 director of te BA and MA programs in public administration at University of Twente.


  • Finalist of the 2011 Academy of Management Public and Nonprofit division best article award for the article “Managing the environment: Effects of network ambition on agency performance”—selected in the top-5 of all articles published in 16 journals in the fields of public management and nonprofit management in 2011. Announced at the Academy of Management Conference, Boston, MA, August 3-7, 2012. (shared with A. Akkerman).
  • ‘Kooiman Award’, awarded by the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM) for the best article published in Public Management Review in 2011. (shared with A. Akkerman).
  • ‘Conflict in Context’ Best Paper Award, awarded by the Academy of Management Conflict Management division for the paper “Effects of (Inter)Organizational Conflict: Policy Drift,” to be presented at the Academy of Management Conference, Chicago, IL, August 7-11, 2009; awarded by the Conflict Management Division. (shared with A. Oosterwaal).
  • ‘Sage Award’ for the best article published in European Union Politics in 2007. Jury report published in European Union Politics 9(3), p. 312. (shared with J. Schalk, J. Weesie, and F.N. Stokman
  • ‘G.A. van Poelje Prize’ from the Dutch Association for Public Administration (Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde, VB), for the best dissertation published in the field of public administration in 1997 (Besluiten in Uitvoering). Jury report published in Bestuurskunde, 1997(4), pp. 192-193.
  • Annual Award of the Dutch Political Science Association (Nederlandse Kring voor Wetenschap der Politiek, NKWP) for the best dissertation published in the field of political science in 1997 (Besluiten in Uitvoering) Jury report published in Facta, 5(5), pp. 20-21.


  • Steen, T., R. Torenvlied, and C. van Eijk. 2013. The dynamics of co-production at the street-level. How citizens and professionals are the key to successful collaboration in the delivery of public services. Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research NWO / MaGW Talent grant for MA students. (€ 167,000)
  • Torenvlied, R. 2012. The role of external experts in crisis decision-making and crisis control. Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice (€ 60,000)
  • Akkerman, A., and R. Torenvlied. 2010. The social consequences of industrial conflict: How strikes affect relations on the work floor. Conflict and Society program of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). (€ 175,000)
  • Akkerman, A., and R. Torenvlied. 2009. Contagious social conflict: Industrial conflict as a source of strategic learning. Conflict and Society program of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). (€ 600,000)
  • Torenvlied, R. 2006. Policy implementation under adversity. The effect of policy polarization on the performance of government in different institutional and cultural contexts. Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) grant from the VIDI talent scheme. (€ 800,000)
  • Demerouti, E. and R. Torenvlied. 2006. Successful implementation of changes and innovation in organizations: a dynamic approach to regulation and self-regulation. Research grant from the High Potentials talent scheme of Utrecht University. (€ 1,000,000)
  • Torenvlied, R., and H. Lelieveldt. 2005. With or without civil society? Research grant from STIP (Stedelijk Innovatie Platform: NWO and Kenniscentrum Grote Steden). (€ 200,000)