PhD students

Yasmin Lurusati. Decentralization, Political Accountability, and Responsive Policy in Indonesia. University of Twente (with B. Denters).

Carola van Eijk. Citizen participation and public sector motivation. Leiden University (with T. Steen)

Petra van den Bekerom. The managerial networking of directors of primary schools. Leiden University (with A. Akkerman, V. Buskens).

Marieke Born. Industrial conflict as a catalyst: the role of unions in worker mobilization. Radboud University Nijmegen (with A. Akkerman).

Alex Lehr. Learning from strikes: The use of strategic information in collective bargaining. Radboud University Nijmegen (with A. Akkerman).

Moosa Elaya. Local knowledge and foreign aid. 17-04-2014 at Leiden University (with D. Lowry, F. van der Meer).

Jelmer Schalk. The dynamics of policy implementation in inter-organizational networks. 22-03-2012 at Utrecht University (with W. Raub, A. Akkerman).

Asya Zhelyazkova. Compliance under Controversy: Analysis of the Transposition of European Directives and their Provisions. 03-02-2012 at Utrecht University (with W. Raub, R. Thomson).

Annemarije Oosterwaal. The Gap between Decision and Implementation. Decision making, Delegation and Compliance in Governmental and Organizational Settings. 01-07-2011 at Utrecht University (with T. van der Lippe, V. Buskens)

Gijs van Houten. The enigma of the Dutch poldermodel. 10-10-2008 at Utrecht University (with W. Raub).

Carolien Klein Haarhuis. Evaluating the World Bank Anti-Coruption Program. 11-05-2005 at Utrecht University (with F.L. Leeuw, J. Siegers).