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Dr. Jörgen Svensson

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Telephone: +31 53 489 4551 / 3280
Email: Jörgen Svensson
Cubicus building; room C-322

General information

Jörgen Svensson (Vlaardingen, 1960) is Assistant Professor of Sociology in the Faculty of Behavioural, Management & Social Sciences. He teaches classes on Organizational Sociology.

Jörgen Svensson is also a member of the University Council of the University of Twente, a member of the accounting committee of the municipality of Hengelo and a local representative of VAWO, the association of academics in scientific institutes in the Netherlands.


Jörgen has published work on a variety of subjects, among which:

  • Informatization of public administration
  • Organization and institutional redesign in a variety of fields such as social assistance, health care, migrant integration and labour re-integration
  • Equality and equal Treatment


Jörgen’s teaching focuses on organization theory, public management and on the impacts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). In recent years he has taught specific classes on

  • Internal and external organization for students of Public Administration, of Business Administration, and of Health Sciences
  • Governance and interorganization in healthcare
  • Technology and society
  • Business strategy

Selected publications

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