S.J. (Spencer) Poodiack-Parsons

S.J. (Spencer) Poodiack-Parsons
PhD candidate
A Framework for Actionable Intelligence for Fraud Detection and Prevention.

University of Twente | BMS / Public Administration 
Campus building Cubicus, room C-325
T: +31 53 489 9678 
E: s.j.poodiack-parsons@utwente.nl


Spencer Poodiack-Parsons completed his master’s in Data Science at the University of Notre Dame in May 2020. Previously he graduated from the University of Connecticut with a bachelor’s in Political Science. He has recently joined the section Public Administration at the University of Twente as a PhD-candidate. His PhD-research will examine the unintended consequences of the use of algorithmic technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning for fraud detection and prevention.